Patient Care

We care for patients who are in the hospital to give them quick, thorough medical attention and help them transition after discharge.

What is a hospitalist?

An attending physician who focuses only on caring for the needs of patients in the hospital.

Why am I seeing a hospitalist?

Hospitalists provide prompt and complete attention to all your patient care needs while you are hospitalized, including diagnosis and treatment. They will also help you transition to your primary care physician after being discharged from the hospital.

How often will I see my hospitalist?

At least once a day. They are your contact for questions and issues regarding your medical care during your hospital stay.

How can I communicate with my hospitalist?

Have one family member serve as your contact person. They can contact the hospitalist through the nurse’s station on your floor, or call the hospital administrative office at (803) 936-7372 during business hours.

What happens after I’m discharged from the hospital?

During the discharge process, a hospitalist will provide you with a current medication list, give you prescriptions for new medications, and arrange a follow-up with your primary care physician. If you do not already have a primary care physician, we will help you find one.